The Right Way To Calculate Marketing ROI

By Daniel Kehrer Today, accountability in marketing amounts to table stakes. Companies expect CMOs and other marketing leaders to provide quantifiable evidence (not squishy metrics such as views and eyeballs) that marketing investments are contributing to real business outcomes. In the quest for quant-based proof, one of the most popular metrics for marketers to invoke is ROI – or, more precisely, marketing ROI

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Tips on Hiring, Training, and Interacting with Practice Employees

BY: HEIDI WALDORF, MD via Modern Aesthetics The saying, “It takes a village,” applies rather well to growing and maintaining a successful aesthetic practice. Although as physicians, we are the raison d’etre bringing patients in the door, our staff can determine if those patients will ever return. Our name may be on the sign outside, but without schedulers, receptionists, nurses,

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