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Maximizing Business Efficiencies During Social Distancing

As much as we may think this is a time to “wait and see”, it’s actually a time to prepare and perfect for when business resumes. While some practices have laid off employees, others have been fortunate enough to be able to pay their staff.  Whichever route you took, there are many ways you can help your practice during these difficult times.

Cut unneeded expenses

  • This differs per practice, but some examples are: stopping all auto-ships and taking the time to check out other vendors to compare prices for items such as syringes, gauze, other supplies and more. For those who have monthly parking fees, inquire to see if the building will allow you not to pay the for the months you are closed.

Increase staff knowledge

  • Take advantage of Allergan virtual trainings and/or Allergan Access trainings.
  • Galderma is offering virtual trainings both for office staff & injectors Gain HCP has an on-demand trainings for injectors.
  • Palette Resource workshops for overall knowledge and CME courses.

Keep communication open with your patients

  • Email your patients keeping them informed on when you may re-open and what your next monthly promotions will be.
  • Follow-up calls: Reach out to any patients who recently had large procedures or first time treatments to ensure retention.
  • Maximize social media interaction. Try to keep this to similar content you normally show.

Create a marketing plan especially with retention & conversion in mind

  • May promotions: Ways to focus on R-C-R with your top 3 procedures in mind.

Maximize your staff’s efficiency

  • Think about each member’s responsibility and job description. If you do not have these written out, do so. Create a plan going forward for you and your employees.


  • Have you been measuring your ROI? If no, do so and make sure you have been spending your money wisely.
  • Re-forecast your 2020 marketing budget.

Key Staff

  • Make sure you have the best team/staff in place.
  • Take the opportunity to use a service such as Job Snob to recruit employees now as many well qualified people are unemployed.

~Hello Marketing

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