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RealSelf Shares 6 Insights into the COVID-19 Impact on Medical Aesthetics

Since early April the RealSelf team has surveyed over 1,600 community members about COVID-19 and how it affects their interest and likelihood to move forward with a cosmetic procedure. From this research, CEO Tom Seery lists the 6 insights he has gained into the current attitude and intent of Medical Aesthetic consumers.

Insight 1: Consumers continue (and never stopped) considering cosmetic procedures.

RealSelf consumers have indicated an unwavering interest in having cosmetic procedures. 98% of our survey respondents told us, “I was considering a procedure and I still want to have one,” in all of our surveys fielded in April, as well as the most recent survey in mid-May 2020. Just 2% selected, “I am no longer open to having a cosmetic procedure in the future.”

Insight 2: Concerned consumers put procedures on hold due to COVID concerns, but a significantly higher number of them are ready/plan to move forward.

The May 14th community pulse survey (n=569) found that those saying aesthetic treatment plans are on hold dropped to below 50%. Those planning to move forward climbed up to 37% from a low of 19% in early April. Just 3% indicated that, due to COVID-19, they changed their minds about moving forward with a procedure they initially planned to have done.

A small number of respondents (3%) shared that they were more likely to have a procedure due to a number of factors (note that answers are not exclusive—more than one could be selected):

  • 36% said they were off work or working from home, so had more time to recover
  • 27% were hoping for better appointment availability
  • 22% said being off work or working from home meant they had a more flexible schedule
  • 11% said they had more time to research now
  • A handful (< 5%) mentioned hoping for better pricing and deals

Insight 3: Household finances are a consistent barrier to moving forward with an aesthetic procedure.

The surveys found, unsurprisingly, that declines in household income are being directly felt—or anticipated—by consumers inclined to get a cosmetic treatment. In the mid-May survey, 44% of respondents said that COVID-19 has resulted in lower household income. This level of impact was found dating back to surveys we fielded during the first week of April, suggesting that the medical aesthetics market faces strong economic headwinds as it recovers.

Insight 4:  25% of those who are holding off on cosmetic procedures are concerned about getting sick.

In early April, consumers were concerned about getting sick. By late April, consumers couldn’t book due to providers’ offices being closed. In May, they were hearing that consumers still have concerns about both getting sick and their finances, but due to offices being more widely open, they’re also more able to book.

Insight 5: The majority of RealSelf survey respondents plan to move forward within the next 6 months.

RealSelf asked our community members, “How soon after provider offices reopen do you plan to move forward with your cosmetic treatment?” Over time, the responses remained consistent.

Insight 6: RealSelf consumers are open to meeting a doctor in a virtual consultation

While consumers prefer the in-person consultation experience, they remain open and interested in having a virtual appointment with a doctor.

For those that prefer a virtual consultation, they asked: “What is the main reason you prefer a virtual consultation right now?” Here’s what they heard:

  • Fear of getting sick/personal safety concerns (COVID-19 concerns): 44%
  • Convenience/time savings: 46%
  • Cost savings: 3%
  • Not committed to procedure: 2%

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