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Use Your Social Distancing Downtime Effectively

4 Online Resources for Medical Aesthetic Professionals

Social Distancing: The now familiar term and instruction that is keeping most of us primarily homebound for the upcoming weeks, and perhaps months. In some industries, professionals are able to work productively from home and maintain a sense of normalcy. Within Medical Aesthetics, however, providers everywhere are looking for productive ways to use their newly found “free time”. While binging Netflix and practicing self-care are great ways to kill time, many of us will end up craving the intellectual stimulation that we are lacking without a professional outlet. Here are 4 online resources to help you learn something new and maybe even keep your COVID-19 related anxiety at bay.

The vendors mentioned in this post are in no way affiliated with Job Snob. Job Snob receives no compensation for these recommendations, and referrals are based solely on personal experience and/or recommendations from other aesthetic industry experts. 

  1. Earn CME credit with PALETTE Resources online:

PALETTE is one of the industry’s best-known resources for on and off label injection training. What is less known, however, is that PALETTE also offers online training, some of which is CME eligible. Here are the courses currently available:

Anatomical Context of Facial Aesthetics

  • Describe anatomical changes associated with facial aging
  • Identify the optimal placement of injectable agents
  • Recognize the anatomical context of critical vascular and neurologic structures within the face

Artistry and Technique of Facial Rejuvenation I

  • Interpret the basics of facial anatomy in order to assess the anatomical changes related to the aging face
  • Perform comprehensive patient assessments and manage patient
  • Apply the three-dimensional concept of facial volumization and targeting facial zones, rather than specific treatment areas, to optimize aesthetic outcomes
  • Recognize the differences among the various HA-based dermal fillers in order to assist in the appropriate selection and placement of these agents

Technique of Facial Rejuvenation II

  • Perform comprehensive patient assessments and manage patient expectations to increase patient satisfaction and enhance outcomes
  • Apply the three-dimensional concept of facial volumization and targeting facial zones, rather than specific treatment areas, in order to optimize aesthetic outcomes
  • Demonstrate protocols and techniques for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, using HA-based dermal fillers, botulinum toxin and deoxycholic acid to improve injection skills, reduce complications, and optimize patient outcomes
  1. Download the Essential Anatomy 5 App:  

 Medical professionals both within and outside of Aesthetics appreciate this touched-based learning tool. With over 8,200 structures, this highly accurate, immersive, and visually stunning app has become the gold standard in medical reference applications. Refresh your anatomical expertise with built-in quizzes, 3D graphics, and shareable images for use on Social Media and email.

  1. Take One (or more!) of’s Free Instagram training courses:  

 Later has positioned itself as one of the leading Social Media marketing platforms. The Later platform focuses on visual scheduling, media management, marketing, and analytics. Some of the (free) resources they offer are Instagram training, Social Media planning resources, and downloadable e-books. The trainings are a great for beginners and pros alike and can be completed on your own time. They offer tips that can be easily implemented at every level. A few popular courses include: “How to Create an Instagram Content Plan”, “How to Increase Engagement & Followers with Instagram Video”, “How to Create Your Instagram Aesthetic”, and “Get Your Instagram Together in 30 Days”. Later also offers free downloadable templates and worksheets to implement what you learn in the courses.

  1. Update Your CV with My Perfect Resumé

Updating a CV or resumé is right up there with going to the dentist on the enjoyability scale for most people. That said, you never know when the next opportunity might come knocking (or more likely, when Job Snob will email you with your dream position). Regardless of whether your CV needs a simple refresh, or you are starting from scratch, My Perfect Resume is one of our favorite resources for the task at hand. For a small fee (~$30), you can upload an existing resumé or use the site’s tools to create an articulate, beautifully formatted resumé in less than an hour.

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